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Modular Ammo Can #50 (M2A1 Size) [OD-Green]

19.99 €

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Our Ammo Box #50 matches exactly the .50BMG military ammo can's sizes but it is made of heavy duty plastic which improves the storage of your ammunition! You can feel free to even store the ammunition loose into the box, loaded magazines, the hard plastic walls will resist everything! And the box will carry over 70lbs. The whole structure of the can is made of Heavy Duty High-Density Polyethylene which is resistant to solvents and chemicals.

The Ammo Can #50 is a 100% dry box and can be locked on two sides to transport by air your ammunition or simply if you want to keep private what you are storing at home. Ammo Can #50 Technical Features:

- Matches the inner sizes of the original M2A1 Military .50 Cal. Ammo Can
- Dry Box
- Holds up to 70lbs
- Can be stacked
- Can be locked for Privacy or Shipping Ammo for Hunting Trips
- Made of Strong and Heavy Duty High-Density Polyethylene

  • Modelo: VBSR628
  • En Stock
  • Fabricado por: Smartreloader

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