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Smartreloader Caja Municion de 50 Tiros #5

6.99 €

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Fits 50 rounds caliber: .220 Swift - .243 W. - .300 Savage - .225/.307/.308 W. - .338 Federal - 6mm R. - 6.5x50 Jap Airaska - 7mm-08 R. - 7.65x53 Belgian.

Our Ammo Boxes are made from High Quality Plastic and with best technology available to make sure your ammo are store properly. But our Ammo Boxes are not only storing boxes, they will also work great at the Range, they will stay open since the first time you use them thanks to the hinges that connect the cover to the base.

Moreover, most of the non-hinged ammo boxes in the market have a limited life due to the plastic part (that connects the cover and the base) that breaks when you open them the first time, the Smartreloader Ammo Boxes will last virtually forever! We guarantee for 10 millions openings!

The Smartreloader Ammo Boxes represent one of the best seller products from our line and they are the highest quality most inexpensive ammo boxes in the industry.

  • Modelo: VBSR613
  • En Stock
  • Fabricado por: Smartreloader

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